Moment a hipster tries to squeeze a sofa into his tiny car – and is left scratching his man bun

http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3521031/Hope-good-Tetris-Hilarious-photo-shows-man-trying-fit-huge-bed-hatchback-car.html A hipster has been caught trying to fit furniture through the car door on Exhibition Street in Melbourne’s CBD

Story: The Mail On line, 3 April 2016



“Hipster air” on sale in one of London’s trendiest boroughs

http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/weird-news/shoreditch-air-sale-20-jar-7664210“It’s a fun idea and a great present for your hipster friends. Who wouldn’t want some lovely hipster London smog?” say man behind the project, 29 year old Carl Casis.

Story: The Mirror, 31 March, 2016


Mini’s April Fools’ Day Hipster Hatch

the-new-mini-hipster-hatchFrom the BMW Group press release: Motorists no longer have to settle for the natural colour of their surroundings thanks to the exclusive and fully adjustable Instagram filter on all exterior window glass. Live life in LO-FI, Clarendon or Crema. In fact, occupants can choose from 12 pre-loaded Instagram window filters and turn any journey into a nostalgic memory at the touch of a button.


Could Australia produce a Corbyn or a Sanders?

According to the UK ‘s Guardian newspaper’s Antony Loewenstein , “the rise of Jeremy Corbyn in the UK and Bernie Sanders in the US shows that renewed passion for politics is still possible – just not in Australia”.

Could anyone as critical of the system lead one of the main political parties Down Under or generate such a passion for politics in Australia?


Latest in Hipster apps

  • InstaHipsta – Free Turn anyone and anything into a hipster

  • Triple j – Free The latest hipster tunes
  • Green Kitchen – AUD organic and tasty vegetarian food
  • Australian Op Shops – AUD  The latest in vintage threads around Australia
  • Guitar – Free  Learn and master new chords and jingles
  • Osmo Leaker Pro – AUD Turns your photos vintage

Source: The Carousel


Hipster pet names surf the Gold Coast

http://www.goldcoastbulletin.com.au/traditional-pet-names-have-been-replaced-by-hipster-ones-on-the-gold-coast/news-story/e2653a6f8c51cff56168c80f37fc03ee?sv= Cino, Koda and Porsche have replaced more traditional pet names such as Molly, Bella, Oscar and Max on the Gold Coast, according to Gold Coast News.  Do you have a Cino, Koda or Porsche or a Bella, Max or Molly?


Meet the hipster dogs of Instragram

http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-3527286/Toby-LittleDude-hipster-dogs-Instagram.html Many dogs are posed reading, listening to music or with coffee (what else?).

Post snaps of your cool canines (#hipsterdogs) or other  Hipster pets online.


Twitter billionaire pops into Melbourne bagel store

Sydney Morning Herald, 11 April, 2016 Jack Dorsey, Twitter co-founder launches Square payment system during first trip to Australia.