Is Malta Europe’s new party hotspot?

Building its reputation for music and culture, Malta’s festival scene has some thing for everyone:

  • Isle of MTV music festival 28 Jun 2016
  • The Farson’s Beer Festival 22-31 Jul 2016
  • Malta International Jazz Festival 22-23 Jul 2016
  • Glitch music festival 7-8 Sep 2016

And there’s Lost & Found music festival and the annual Malta International Food Festival to look forward to in 2017.



Planes, trains and automobiles: how to party on the move

All aboard the party express:

Melt Take this train come hotel from Amsterdam to Leipzig, 14 Jul 2016

Blues one hour train journey from Preston, UK, to the festival, 26 Aug 2016 Take this overnight party bus from Antwerp to Berlin, 8 Sep 2016 Take this  overnight party train from Holland to Budapest, 10-17 Aug 2016

And then there’s always next year’s Big City Beats plan to look forward to.



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